MIM’s work and activities are aimed at achieving the following objectives:

  • Improvement of the professional skills of journalists and other media professionals in the country;
  • Support the development of independent, free and pluralistic media in Macedonia;
  • Facilitate participation of Macedonian media representatives and journalists in trainings at regional and international level, as well as in other activities aiming at strengthening professional standards and ethics;
  • Developing relations between domestic and international professional media organisations and other organisations working with media;
  • Facilitate journalist education in R. Macedonia and
  • Development of civil society and democratic values in R. Macedonia.

MIM implements its objectives through various activities targeting journalists and media professionals, including:

  • Professional journalism education programs: trainings, conferences, seminars and workshops for journalists and other media professionals;
  • Study visits to regional and international programs and projects;
  • Research, education, monitoring and analysis;
  • Archiving, translation and publishing of media literature;
  • Programs for improvement of media policy, legislation and protection of freedom of speech;
  • Production of TV, radio and web content;
  • Organising and conducting specialized trainings for representatives of the civil sector, local government as well as other stakeholders in need of training on public relations and communication with the media;

Thousands of domestic journalists from the country and the region, as well as hundreds of editors and representatives of state institutions and citizen organisations responsible for public communication have participated in MIMs activities, and were trained on promotion and advocacy of their activities and results in the media and the public. Some 1500 primary and high school teachers were trained in media literacy and production of media content.

MIM is an active participant in all processes affecting the media landscape. With its views, discussions and expertise it regularly participates and contributes to international and local meetings, projects, conferences, seminars, media programs and various activities that address the situation in the media and the public communication in Macedonia.