Journalist stories about civic topics

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The Macedonian Institute for Media, in association with the Center for Investigative Journalism – SCOOP Macedonia, has organized a one-day workshop for producing journalist stories on the topic of areas of action of the civil society organizations which are part of the program CIVICA Mobilitas.

The workshop, which was attended by 7 prominent journalists, focused on determining the approach, the format and the methodology for preparation of journalistic investigations on specific topics from the areas of action of the civil society organizations – grantees of CIVICA Mobilitas, such as health and social care, discrimination, environmental protection, migration etc.


The topics on which the journalists will be working in the following period were identified within the consultative process and the meetings with approximately ten civil society organizations, organized by the project team of MIM and SCOOP.  

The workshop was organized as part of the project “Reporting about civil society and its impact in achieving societal changes”, implemented by MIM in association with SCOOP Macedonia, with financial assistance from the CIVIKA Mobilitas program.