MIM’s reaction on the amendments to the newly-proposed media legislation

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We point out with concern on the harmful consequences from the acceptance of the amendments to the draft-media legislation, by which the Media Agency gets powers to control print and online media, while private broadcasters would be co-financed with funds from the state budget. By adopting these solutions, the Government practically comes back to the initial version of the law, which confirms that public hearings and discussions were just a farce, with the aim to enact full control over the media system in the country.

Instead of introducing a regulatory system that will be the basis for the effective exercise of freedom of expression, pluralism and competitive democratization of the media landscape, the government knowingly introduces regressive measures leading to economically dependent media, and the consequences of these decisions will lead to a complete distortion of the media market and destroying of the function of the media as a platform for democratic debate and as articulators of a critical public opinion.

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